A homework sheet is given out every Monday.  On this sheet you will find that the whole week's assignments are listed according to the day they are assigned.  There will usually be Spelling, Math, Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Journal, Science, and/or Handwriting.  Each nightly assignment is due the following day in class except for Spelling.  All Spelling is due on Fridays.  The first thing the students do as they enter the class every morning is to hand in their nightly homework.  Math homework is also given daily.  Along with this, each student is expected to read for 20 minutes every night.  To prove that the students did read that night, parents are asked to sign a nightly reading log.  This log is a sheet that looks like a calendar.  As a student reads each night, a parent must sign in the box on the calendar/reading log that corresponds to that night.  If a student reads every night for the month, s/he will receive a prize.  Each student will also receive a Journal.  Each student will have to write in this Journal once a week and hand it in on Friday.  I will write a response to each student and hand it back on Monday.  The students should write about anything they might have done that week.  Anything is acceptable as long as it is neat, written correctly, and at least 5 sentences.  You can correct their sentences, but THEY must rewrite them on their own.   I look forward to their Journals!

The homework is ALWAYS a review of a lesson that the student learned on that day or before.  I will never give a homework assignment on something that the student has not yet been taught.  I expect each student to be responsible for his/her homework.  For my part, I will give each student a homework folder to help keep them organized.  Homework is important because it is a review of a previous lesson and serves as valuable practice.  If a student does not hand in his/her homework on a consistent basis, it WILL affect their report card and the student WILL NOT be eligible for honor roll.

I do understand that there may be occasions in which family emergencies or unexpected situations might keep a student from completing his/her homework.  If the student explains to me the situation or if they give me a note written by their parent, I will allow them some time to complete the missing assignments.  I can be very flexible.  This is usually on an individual basis.  However, if after a fair amount of time I do not receive the assignment, I will have to mark it as an incomplete.  Communication is the key.  As long as a parent communicates the situation to me, anything can be worked out.