Extra Practice

Click on any link below and then print at home.  This is all extra practice for your children.  Let me know if there are any problems. / Haga clic en cualquier link abajo y luego imprima en casa. Esto es toda la práctica suplementaria para sus hijos. Avíseme si hay algún problema


C-C-Bananas - Pineapples.pdf

C-C-Beach - Mountains.pdf




Expo-T Rex.pdf

Narrative-Bedtime Story.pdf

Narrative-First Plane Trip.pdf

Narrative-Pictures In the Clouds.pdf

Narrative-Snow Flowers.pdf

Narrative-Spider Web.pdf

Narrative-The Bat.pdf


SPEED Addition.pdf

SPEED Subtraction.pdf

2 digit addition(1).pdf

2 digit addition(2).pdf

3 digit Addition.pdf

Amazing Talking Dog - 3 Digit Addition

3 digit subtraction

Rabbits On Vacation - 3 Digit Subtraction

 Word Problems - 2/3 Digit Subtraction