Class Expectations

I expect that each student come fully prepared to learn everyday.  This means that each student should have had breakfast and a good night's sleep.  These are very important.  Without either of these it is extremely difficult for a student to focus in class.  Furthermore, I expect each student to be honest, courteous, and to always do their best.  I will never be disappointed by a student who does his/her best.  Also, a student should never be afraid to ask a question.  If a student does not understand something, always ask.  I'm sure they are not the only student in class who might be confused.  By asking questions, it makes it easier for me to help.

I also expect each parent to assist their child in any way they can.  All parents should ensure that their child complete all assignments on time.  This will teach them responsibility.  Parents should also make sure that their child reads every night for 20 minutes.  I suggest that parents also take this time to either read with their child or read something while their child reads.  Children are more encouraged to do something if they see their parents doing the same thing.  I also suggest that parents give their children a special place at home where they can read and complete assignments quietly.  They should also have a place to keep their folders and other supplies.  This will teach them to be organized.  Next, as I mentioned earlier, parents should make sure that their children eat a healthy breakfast and go to sleep early.  There is no way we can expect children to concentrate without these.  As far as food in concerned, I encourage all parents to send healthy snacks with their children.  I do not allow chips, candy, or soda as snacks.  I will take them away and give them back at the end of the day.  Fruit, juices, and yogurts are good snack ideas.  I cannot tell you how many times throughout the years I have seen students eating Hot Cheetos and a Coke at 8 o'clock in the morning.  Not a good idea.  Lastly, parents should always ask their children about their day.  This establishes good communication and lets parents know what is happening at school.

For my part, I promise to always do my very best to teach your children.  I will call home if I have any concerns, and I will always be open for communication with parents and students.  If a parent ever wants to meet with me, I can be contacted through this website, at school, or by note.  I do ask that parents do not come to talk to me during class time as this time is dedicated to students.  A meeting can always be set up for after school since I usually stay late.  In closing, I realize that I am not perfect.  I might make mistakes.  If any parent ever has a question or a concern, please feel free to contact me.  Every problem has a solution.  Only together can we provide the best education for all students.