Parent Conference Schedule

You may check your conference appointment times below.  The names in bold are the appointments that were confirmed.  If you need a change, please see me. / Revisen su cita.  Los nombres en letras obscuras son los que estan confirmadas.

(* completed)

  Mon.-2/27 Tues.-2/28 Wed.-3/1 Thurs.-3/2 Fri.-3/3
2pm Jaslene Misael De'Lon not available Akzel
2:20 Jasmine Abril Aeleen not available Joseph V.
2:40 Dereck Joseph T Jacqueline not available Joe
3pm Noah - Stephanie not available Carmen
3:20 Jordan - Giana not available Raven
3:40 George - Isaac not available -
4pm Giancarlo - Leontae not available -
4:20 Luis - Samanta not available -