Parent Conferences

      Next week is parent conference week:  Feb.27th - March 3rd.  Please see the available times and let me know when you would like to come and meet.  Click on the image below to see available times.  You can send me a message on Class Dojo, with your child, or after class.  I look forward to meeting with you.
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     La semana que viene es para las conferencias de padres:  27 de febrero - 3 de marzo.  Por favor vean los horarios disponibles y dejen me saber cuando gustan venir.  Hagan clic en el imagen de abajo.  Me pueden mandar un mensaje por medio de Class Dojo, con su hijo, or despues de clase.

Black History Month

This month we celebrate the achievements and history of African-Americans.  We will be reading articles in class to learn more about the contributions and history of African-Americans in our country.  We will also be reading "The Drinking Gourd" in class and at home.  Please discuss this book and any other articles we study with your children.  I have provided links on this website for further information for the students.  Have a great month! / Este mes celebramos los logros y la historia de los afroamericanos.  Estaremos leyendo articulos en clase para aprender mas sobre las contribuciones y la historia de los afroamericanos en nuestro pais.  Tambien estaremos leyendo "The Drinking Gourd" en clase y en casa.  Por favor, dicuta este libro y cualquier otro articulo que estudiemos con sus hijos.  He proporcionado los acoplamientos en este Web Site para la informacion adicional par los estudiantes.  Que tengan un buen mes!


Extra Info 

Click on the links below for more info on African-American history and culture.

Library Books


Thank you to everyone for sending in the papers so that your children could check out books from the school library.  They went to the library on Friday and everyone got a book.  They are expected to have read the whole book by Monday, October 10th.  They will then do a book report.  I will send more instructions later.  / Gracias a todos quienes mandaron los papeles para que sus hijos puedan sacar libros de la biblioteca de la escuela.  Sacaron libros el viernes.  Deben de terminar el libros a mas tardar el lunes, 10 de octubre.  Despues van hacer un reporte sobre el libro.  Les voy a mandar mas informacion mas tarde.


Star of the Week - "Aimee Rios"

There will be a Star of the Week every week starting this week.  This student is chosen based on behavior and academics.  On Monday I will give the Student of the Week a poster that he/she must decorate with items showing their favorite things and their names.  Be creative and have fun!  You can look at some examples of past poster in the Star of the Week section of this website.  This poster is due on Friday.  On this day the Star of the Week will stand in front of the class and present their poster to the class.  Let me know if you have any questions. / Habra una estrella de la semana cada semana a partir de esta semana.  Este estudiante se elige en funcion del comportamiento y academicos.  El lunes voy a dar el Estudiante de la Semana un cartel que el/ella debe decorar con elementors mostrando sus cosas favoritas y sus nombres.  Sean creativos y diviertanse!  Pueden ver algunos ejemplos de carteles pasados en el seccion de Estrella de la Semana de este sitio web.  Este cartel es debido el viernes.  En este dia, la Estrella se interpondra en frente de la clase y presentara su carte para la clase.  Hablen conmigo si tienen alguna pregunta.
Star of the Week - Aimee Rios


Comprehension Results

100%             Comprehension Test U3W1          1/13/17

- Stephanie Acabal                - Aeleen Flores               

Check Test Results section for the rest of the class results. / Los demas de los resultados estan en la seccion Test Results.

Math Masters

100%         Chapter 6 Progress Check Quiz        1/17/17  

- Misael Manueles                    - George Ajayi

- Stephanie Acabal                   - Noah Santana

- Joseph Velazquez                              

Check Test Results section for the rest of the class results. / Los demas de los resultados estan en la seccion Test Results.


Super Spellers!!!

100%              Spelling Test U3W1         1/13/17           

- Jasmine Lorenzo                    - Giancarlo Huerta

- Jordan Arnold                        - George Ajayi

- Stephanie Acabal                   - Noah Santana

- Jose Velazquez                      - Luis Munoz

- Jaslene Portillo                      - De'lon London

- Isaac Penate                         - Jacqueline Herrera             

Check Test Results section for the rest of the class results. / Los demas de los resultados estan en la seccion Test Results.

Photo Gallery


For more pictures, click on Photo Gallery on the right.


Scholastic Books

02/08/2017 21:41
Scholastic book money will be due on Friday, February 10th for the February book order.  Thanks for your support! / El dinero para ordenes de libros de Scholastic se debe de entregar el viernes, 10 de febrero.  Gracias por su apoyo!


President's Day - No School

02/08/2017 21:38
On Monday, February 20th there will be no school in observation of President's Day.  School will continue the next day, Tuesday, February 21st. / El lunes, 20 de febrero no habra clases por razon del dia de los presidentes.  Los regresan al escuela el proximo dia, 21 de febrero.


Temescal Canyon Hike - Rescheduled

02/08/2017 21:03
Parents, our field trip to Temescal Canyon has been rescheduled for Monday, March 20th.  On that day please send your child dressed for the weather.  Also, send a backpack, snack, lunch, and 2 drinks.  A hat might also be useful.  Also, please return the permission slips I send...


Donation Station

Donations are always welcome.  Here are items that are needed.  Thank you so much.

-   bags of small sized marshmellows

-   toothe picks

-   white printer paper

-   ticonderoga or papermate #2 pencils (strong pencils, sharpen well)                     

-   dry erase markers    

-   sharpie markers (99cent store)

Class Dojo

Click on the image below and log in to see how our class and your child is doing. / Hagan clic sobre el imagen para entrar y ver como va la clase y su hijo/a.
Image result for classdojo

Email Set-Up

     Click here to set up your email accounts. 

Free Kids' Workshops

     Both Home Depot and Lowes offer free children's workshops.  Each store gives your child an apron like the the ones their employees wear and a free project that your child puts together with nails and a hammer.  Some projects need to be painted, and other come with stickers.  Both stores supply tools and anything else that may be needed to complete the project there at the store.  Every location offers these workshops.  Best of all it is completely FREE!  For more information click below.  Remember to register because sometimes popular projects run out.  Have fun!

Learn to Type!!!

The students are beginning to learn how to type by using the website "".  Every student has a username that is their name followed by "budlong".  Example:  isaiahbudlong     Every student has the same password:  12345.  Once they log in, they will continue the program where they left off from our computer lab.  Click on the image below to get started.  If you have any questions, please see me.

Code Studio

Children are now able to log on to Code Studio.  They have been doing it for some time now in the computer lab at school.  The students know how to log on and where to go.  / Los ninos ya pueden trabajar el citio de Code Studio.  Ya lo han hecho el la clase de computadoras en la escuela.  Los alumnos saben como entrar al juego y donde ir.

Island Chase Subtraction

You can challenge your friends and race against them.  Click below and join the games.  Have fun!

Brain Pop Jr./Expired

The school's Brain Pop Jr. account has expired and will not be renewed until the next school year.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  Try again in August.

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This is a great site for your children.  It is full of educational videos and activities that will help the children learn while having fun at the same time.  The children will need to enter a username and a password.  Click on "log in", enter the username "budlong", and the password "bulldogs".  Simply click on the picture and have fun!

Computer Science:  Why coding?

Click on the picture below and watch short videos on how computer science and coding are used everyday and will continue to be a part of our children's future.  Enjoy these inspirational videos.  =)

Let's Talk

Date: 02/24/2017

By: Noah

Subject: honor roll

Ms.Frias am I in honor roll?



Date: 02/21/2017

By: jordan

Subject: sick days

hi Mr Frias, i took Jordan to the doctor ,and he won't be back to school until Friday , i would like to know if i can get his home work for him to do while he's at home.



Date: 02/23/2017

By: Mr. Frias

Subject: Re: sick days

Not a problem. I hope he feels better soon. We miss him.



Date: 02/21/2017

By: jordan arnold

Subject: doctor

he woke up this morning coughing so i'm taking him to the doctor ,so he will not be able to come to school today.his mom arlene



Date: 01/30/2017

By: noah

Subject: Ms.Frias




Date: 02/05/2017

By: Mr. Frias

Subject: Re: Ms.Frias

Hello Noah! Are you going to watch the superbowl? If so, who do you want to win?



Date: 02/08/2017

By: Noah Santana

Subject: Superbowl

Sorry I'm so late on my comment I haven't checked in till now.I watched the whole super bowl it was very intense & me and my dad are Raider fans but we were going for the falcons.I thought falcons were going to win but then the Patriots came back & won.



Date: 02/08/2017

By: Mr. Frias

Subject: Re: Superbowl

Yes, I'm a Raiders fan too. I was also going for the Falcons. I was disappointed, but it was a VERY good game.



Date: 09/11/2010

By: Mr. Frias

Subject: Communication

In this section you can leave me a message about anything you want. I will always write back. You can write about something that happened in class or maybe something fun that you did with your family. Its up to you.




Mr. Rodolfo Frias

Room 64
Budlong Ave. Elementary
5940 S. Budlong Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90044



Click on the picture below and type in class code "BFRDR4 and password "1234"  Complete the assignments.

Base Ten Fun!

Cool Math: Number Twins (10)

Play this game to help with your mental math skills.  Just click on the button below and begin to play.


Click on the image below to go to  Quizlet.  This is a site that allows your children to practice the vocabulary words of the week.  Enjoy. / Haga clic en la imagen de abajo para ir a Quizlet. Este es un sitio que permite a sus hijos practicar el vocabulario de la semana. Disfruten!

Once inside, type in "Budlong", then click on "classes", lastly click on "Budlong Room 64".  The study sets will be there.

Spelling City


This is a new website.  Everyweek I will add our spelling words to this website, and the students can play learning games with the words of the week.  If you have any questions, please see me.


Este es un nuevo sitio web. Cada semana agregare nuestra ortografía palabras a este sitio web, y los estudiantes pueden jugar juegos de aprendizaje con las palabras de la semana. Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta, por favor hable conmigo.


This website has educational games that your child can play.  Have fun!


Starfall is a reading website that is great for all beginning readers.  There is something for children of all ages.  Have fun!

Extra, Extra!!!

Save Arts Education!

04/05/2011 22:41
Due to ongoing state and local budget cuts, the Arts are often the first thing to go.  However, many people fail to understand the importance of the Arts.  Arts education can increase awareness of self and others.  It can improve clarity and creativity in communication of verbal and...



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